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Meet Our Team

Meet the team that keeps Blanco Chemicals Going ...


  • Mr. Richard Perry Pinder                               President, Director
  • Mr. William Craig Pinder                               Vice-President, Director
  • Ms. Laverne Armbrister                                  Secretary, Director


The management team consists of:

Richard Perry Pinder
President and Director
A Chartered Professional Accountant of Canada (CPA) and a member of the Bahamas Institute of Chartered Accountants (BICA) is the Chief Financial Officer(CFO) of the Company. As CFO Mr. Pinder is responsible for both the financial affairs and the overall operations of the company. Mr. Pinder is also the grandson and son of the original founders of the company.

 Mr. Pinder joined the Company on a full time basis in 2005 having worked extensively in the banking and Fund Administration industries both in the Bahamas and in Canada.  He has always been involved with Company matters having been a Director of the Company since 1985. Mr. Pinder is therefore a KEY member of the management team.

Laverne Armbrister
Secretary and  Director
Is the Controller of the Company. Miss Armbrister has been employed with the company 30 years and has been the Controller since 1990.

Miss Armbrister is responsible for maintaining the company’s accounting records and prepares the annual financial statements. Ms. Armbrister also executes managerial duties such as Purchasing, Human resources, liaising with various government departments like Customs and National insurance, liaising with the company’s auditors, bankers and insurers. Ms. Armbrister’s 30 years of full time employment with the company places her as a KEY member of the management team.  

Rueben Cartwright
Plant Manager
Mr. Cartwright has been with the company for 24 years. He was employed initially in 1993 at the young age of 20 as a line worker in the bottle making department.

Mr. Cartwright developed his skill set, learning to operate and work every operational department within the company including bleach making, bleach filling and blow molding. His all around superior knowledge of all the operations within the company led to his promotion in 2004 as Plant Manager.

Mr. Cartwright’s impeccable knowledge of the production processes makes him a KEY member of the management team.

Roman Knowles
Sales Manager
Mr. Knowles joined the company in 2017 and was hired to head up the entire Sales and Marketing department. Mr. Knowles has a Master’s degree in Business Administration and has 10 years working experience in Private and Offshore Banking. Mr. Knowles has been hired to help restructure the Sales Department and to head up the sales team and therefore is a KEY member of the Management team

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